About my works

Photographic Impressionism
Until recently, the pursuit of landscape photography had eluded me throughout my photographic excursions.  As much as I admired the masterful captures of surreal landscape photographers, my inner soul was searching for a different language, perhaps a vibration that was more in harmony with my own voice.
Rather than be absorbed in the technical perfectionism of recording the landscape, I had a desire to try and free myself of certain imposed restraints.
This new series of Photographic Impressionism has emerged through embracing the freedom of movement rather than the stillness and to paint rather than to capture.

I love music, drawn to quite an eclectic range which often includes classical and period instruments, of slightly melancholic pieces that transport me into another sphere enabling me to experience my own form of meditation. Within this photographic series, my camera becomes my instrument, I feel I am free to compose my own symphony of light,  in response to the spirit and harmony within my environs.

Scanography series
Staying true to my emotional connection of wanting to share the inner beauty of each flower delicately presenting itself, along with my own personal journey of growth and development, courage and artistic expression, I worked patiently and extensively developing this series of ‘camera-less’ photographic captures with the aid of a flat-bed scanner.
As light passes through the moving lens, it creates a unique dimensional quality unlike a conventional capture.
Scanography presents many limitations but I could feel a yearning to release something from an inner sanctum. This desire sent me on a journey of great persistence, extended stillness and the silence of darkened spaces. As each unique bloom painstakingly revealed itself, I became aware of the sense of an imaginary embrace.

Luscious Blooms
It's all about surrendering into the lusciousness of nature’s blooms, experiencing the gentle unfurling and celebrating the masculine and feminine within the sensuality of life.

Bokeh Bliss
A recent journey within the Netherlands introduced me to the world of 'Lensbaby' and an opportunity to explore the delicate painterly blurs and the secret intimate life of natures little wonders.

“When you take a flower in your hand and really look at it, it’s your world for the moment.”
Georgia O’Keeffe